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Solution Bar

  • Cordless vibration massage device that relieves muscle stiffness and soreness

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  • World's Smartest 

    AI Powered Chessboard

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Experience award winning products from around the world!

The Solution Bar is a space within Sharaf DG that enables you to find innovative products from around the world.

Giving you an environment to touch and feel solutions that can truly benefit you.

At the Solution Bar, we encourage you to sync these products with smartphones and experience them for yourself.

Our team will be happy to demo the products to you while highlighting unique features.

Motiv Ring tracks activity, heart rate and sleep, and has new security features that can keep your online shopping, personal finance, and email accounts safe from hackers

A ring of security for your home, see who is there from anywhere.

Ring Spotlight Camera

Discover something new





Evasmart by Evapolar

Add some cool moments with your personal portable SMART air conditioner


An ultra track able smart wallet with instant card access. Never lose your wallet or phone again

Desk Garden by Merlin

An indoor gardening system that uses hydroponics to help you grow fresh herbs and vegetables all year around

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