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Let’s Get Physical: What Smart Startup Founders Need to Know About the Power of Physical Retail

14.02.19 10:42 AM By vishakha.sharma - Comment(s)

With the advent of online shopping portals around the world, there has been a shift from traditional brick-and-mortar stores globally. This new trend has spread to almost every corner of the world.

Conventional stores still remain one of the most successful retail forms in Dubai and the United...

Don’t be a brand who never gets feedback from customers in stores

27.01.19 07:40 PM By vishakha.sharma - Comment(s)

In today's fast-paced world with ever-increasing technological advancements, more and more startups are gravitating towards retails and setting up physical stores in order to reach more customers. According to a TimeTrade study, more than 85% of buyers prefer the brick-and-mortar model ove...

Let’s Get Physical: What Smart Startup Founders Need to Know About the Power of Physical Retail

27.01.19 07:40 PM By vishakha.sharma - Comment(s)

Selling online is easy. Really, really easy.

If you run in entrepreneurial circles online, you’ve probably seen a ton of jokes and memes about drop-shipping. Like affiliate marketing a few years ago, it’s the latest hot new trend among wantrepreneurs.

Why? Well, it’s easy. The barrier to entry is supe...

“I don’t need customer feedback!”said no consumer brand

27.01.19 07:39 PM By sreerag - Comment(s)

Most businesses realize that the real feedback about a product will come once a customer has touched it and begun to understand and use it. So, why do the majority of brands rely on social media, consumer complain boards and consumer panels in order to get feedback about what they are selling?

The fa...

How to Market Your Product Through Retail

27.01.19 07:35 PM By solutionbar admin - Comment(s)

Due to its virtually limitless reach and the low barrier to entry, many startups feel like eCommerce is where it's at. And, while there are many successful eCommerce stores out there, joining the ranks of them isn't as simple as putting up a website and adding a shopping cart. The fact is, about 90%...

Have you chosen the right packaging for your product?

17.01.19 05:59 PM By vishakha.sharma - Comment(s)

Multiple eye-tracking studies have revealed that on an average, buyers barely read 7 words during an entire shopping trip, as they continue to buy instinctively based on the shape, color, familiarity and purchasing history.

Contrary to popular belief, most customers don't make logical, well-informed ...

Your Tech Dose for the Week

06.12.18 05:34 AM By vishakha.sharma - Comment(s)
DJI Osmo Pocket Compact Smart CameraEffortlessly shoot beautiful footage anytime, anywhere with the DJI Osmo Pocket Compact Smart Camera. This handheld device features an integrated three-axis gimbal, offering remarkable image stabilization. With a height of just over four inches, the Osmo Pocket co...

ACRO Air Shot: purify air, purify life!

04.12.18 01:12 PM By vishakha.sharma - Comment(s)
We, as humans, are always inclined to ensuring purity and quality in whatever we do. From the clothes we wear, to the water we drink- quality is a primary concern. But do we give enough thought to the air we breathe, and the millions of invisible contaminants that go into our system without our noti...

Zungle V2 Viper: Take a peek into the future of technology

27.11.18 05:10 AM By vishakha.sharma - Comment(s)
Zungle V2 Viper is one of the recent additions to the wide range of innovative, futuristic gadgets offered at Sharaf DG’s Solution Bar, and is fast becoming a favorite among lovers of technology. This pair of goggles is stylish, fashionable and has the best of functionalities- all at the same. ...

Redefining Oral Healthcare in a whole new “Light”

27.11.18 03:24 AM By vishakha.sharma - Comment(s)
How many times do you brush in a day? Are you sure that merely brushing your teeth once or twice kills germs in the most hidden crannies of your mouth? What if I told you that brushing often does not successfully kill the germs, but merely pushes it around in the mouth? Ever imagined how light techn...
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