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Your Tech Dose for the Week

06.12.18 05:34 AM By vishakha.sharma - Comment(s)
DJI Osmo Pocket Compact Smart CameraEffortlessly shoot beautiful footage anytime, anywhere with the DJI Osmo Pocket Compact Smart Camera. This handheld device features an integrated three-axis gimbal, offering remarkable image stabilization. With a height of just over four inches, the Osmo Pocket co...

ACRO Air Shot: purify air, purify life!

04.12.18 01:12 PM By vishakha.sharma - Comment(s)
Acro Airshot Air Purifier Korean Product Solutionbar

Zungle V2 Viper: Take a peek into the future of technology

27.11.18 05:10 AM By vishakha.sharma - Comment(s)
Zungle V2 Viper is one of the recent additions to the wide range of innovative, futuristic gadgets offered at Sharaf DG’s Solution Bar, and is fast becoming a favorite among lovers of technology. This pair of goggles is stylish, fashionable and has the best of functionalities- all at the same. ...

Redefining Oral Healthcare in a whole new “Light”

27.11.18 03:24 AM By vishakha.sharma - Comment(s)
How many times do you brush in a day? Are you sure that merely brushing your teeth once or twice kills germs in the most hidden crannies of your mouth? What if I told you that brushing often does not successfully kill the germs, but merely pushes it around in the mouth? Ever imagined how light techn...

5 Latest Gadgets of the Week

21.11.18 01:08 PM By sreerag - Comment(s)
Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler Dry, curl, wave and smooth your hair without damaging it with the Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler. Utilizing a Dyson digital motor V9 and 13-blade impeller, this device uses air to style your hair. The Dyson Airwrap even comes with intelligent heat control to keep your hair shiny...

5 Latest Gadgets of the Week

16.11.18 07:40 AM By sreerag - Comment(s)
ColorWare Limited Custom AirPods Retro

Make your modern headphones look more retro with the ColorWare Limited Custom AirPods Retro. The limited edition case comes with a rainbow-colored button on the front, offering a unique blend of old and new. The Apple Ile inspired case comes with all the same fe...

5 Latest Gadgets of the Week

26.10.18 02:37 AM By sreerag - Comment(s)

Bag of Riddim Audio System by House of Marley

With the Bag of Riddim Audio System by House of Marley, you can literally bring the party with you thanks to its portable design. Complete with comfortable carrying straps, the Bluetooth enabled sound system looks just like a bag with pockets and all. Ins...

Latest Gadgets of the Week

15.10.18 09:22 PM By sreerag - Comment(s)

Logitech K600 Smart TV Keyboard

11.10 - 1

Upgrade your smart TV with the Logitech K600 Smart TV Keyboard which has everything you need to control any device that’s connected to your television. The keyboard provides a comfortable and familiar typing experience and also comes with a touchpad and D-pad for even ...

Top 3 Buys of the Month!

11.10.18 05:25 PM By sreerag - Comment(s)

Solution Bar brings to you this month's 3 super cool and innovative gadgets, that promise to make everyday life convenient and interesting!

Safedome Recharge:


The Safedome Recharge is a very unique gadget that comes in a very petite size- no larger than a normal credit card. The basic idea behind this...

Falcon 21: the power bank you can bank on!

11.10.18 04:41 PM By sreerag - Comment(s)

How many times have you felt the need for a charging station while you are on the go, and running low on battery? Fancy owning a power bank that never discharges, and runs on an inexhaustible source of power? Falcon 21 is the perfect gadget for you. Solution Bar from Sharaf DG brings to you, a uniqu...

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