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ACRO Air Shot: purify air, purify life!

04.12.18 01:12 PM By vishakha.sharma
We, as humans, are always inclined to ensuring purity and quality in whatever we do. From the clothes we wear, to the water we drink- quality is a primary concern. But do we give enough thought to the air we breathe, and the millions of invisible contaminants that go into our system without our notice? We fail to acknowledge the harm that these minute contaminants do to us, simply because we don’t see them. With pollution in our cities being on a rise and the multiplying population of Bacteria and Viruses, the air inside our homes is no longer as pure. Solution Bar by Sharaf DG brings to you the latest air purification technology from South Korea which is an innovative solution in the direction of healthier homes- Air Shot. Air-shot is an air-purifier that uses a process called PCO (Photo-catalytic Oxidation) with the help of TiO2- an edible pigment. Unlike conventional air purifiers that filter or absorb pollutants from the air, Air-shot simply converts them into harmless water and carbon dioxide molecules. Thus, any VOCs, bacteria, viruses, and bad odor-causing particles can be decomposed and air be made cleaner. Now you can be assured that you and your family is less prone to major respiratory ailments like Asthma, Rhinitis and Sinus. This portable air-purifier by Sharaf DG’s Solution Bar can be carried along and used just about anywhere- from your homes to your office, and even your car. All you have to do is get a USB port, and the USB cable that comes along with this pack. It can be powered by just 3.5 W and has a noise level typically below 30 dB. The “Sleep Mode” control on the purifier ensures extra peaceful sleeping hours for everyone in the room, which makes it an ideal gadget in homes with infants. It’s advanced high-tech Nano filters ensure that even the smallest particulate contaminants are extracted from the air, leaving your home or car potentially cleaner, and thus preventing “Sick Car” or “Sick Home” syndrome. So, hurry! Visit the nearest Solution Bar store at Sharaf DG outlets in Times Square Centre or Deira City Centre, and check out the Air-shot and other cool gadgets that may capture your fancies!
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