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Flow - The Personal Air Pollution Sensor

13.06.19 06:09 PM By solutionbar

Flow - The Personal Air Pollution Sensor

TheSolutionBar is happy to partner with Plume Labs’ and launch its product Flow at Sharaf DG Times Square Centre, Dubai. Plume Labs’ mission is to “make environmental information accessible & empowering’. Giving power & wisdom to individuals to understand pollution levels in every environment we find ourselves in be it indoors, outdoors, in the office, in the car, inside a bus/metro or while walking in the park anywhere in the world. The detailed picture of minute by minute breakdown of pollutants that we were exposed to throughout the day helps us make the best air quality choices for self, family & community. The Plume Labs’ Flow is an innovative and intelligent device that fits into our daily lives. Designed by Frog Design which won the CES Innovation Award, a proud product from France, is now available at Sharaf DG Times Square Centre. Talk to our experts at TheSolutionBar to know more. 

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