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“I don’t need customer feedback!”said no consumer brand

27.01.19 07:39 PM By sreerag

“I don’t need customer feedback!” said No consumer brand

Most businesses realize that the real feedback about a product will come once a customer has touched it and begun to understand and use it. So, why do the majority of brands rely on social media, consumer complain boards and consumer panels in order to get feedback about what they are selling?

The fact is, most companies are selling through intermediaries. They never actually reach out to their real customers, and that hinders their growth and improvement processes dramatically.

If a brand is able to collect feedback from a current set of customers, people who are actively using their product, along with a set of potential customers who are in their target audience but have not yet converted, that brand will experience tremendous benefits as a result.

The trouble is, how does a brand go about connecting with current users and non-users for their products?

The number one way to go about it is to actively work with the retailers who are selling the products to your customers. Those same retailers are also the ones interacting with your target audience. But, many brands don’t bother reaching out to them for feedback.

The retailers you sell your product through are in the best possible position to collect feedback from your users and non-users about your product and how it can be improved.

Retailers are capable of setting up a system on your behalf that will collect feedback from your users at a regular interval and report that crucial information back to your brand. In turn, your brand will be able to improve your products. With the feedback you collect, you’ll be able to add features and specifications that your customers are actually looking for and wanting to see.

Consumer panels and complaint boards should be secondary to this method of feedback collection because, ultimately, there is no better source of feedback out there than from the people who have already bought an item or those who are seriously considering doing so.

So, do your brand a favor and stop taking the same old avenues that all your competitors are taking. It’s adding unnecessary hurdles and setbacks to the improvement process when you could be getting priceless feedback straight from the segments that matter most to your brand.

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