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Redefining Oral Healthcare in a whole new “Light”

27.11.18 03:24 AM By vishakha.sharma
How many times do you brush in a day? Are you sure that merely brushing your teeth once or twice kills germs in the most hidden crannies of your mouth? What if I told you that brushing often does not successfully kill the germs, but merely pushes it around in the mouth? Ever imagined how light technology could be used to clean up and cleanse your mouth of these lingering germs? Bristl by Sharaf DG’s Solution Bar is the answer to all your oral healthcare concerns. The technology, invented in South Korea, uses red and blue light to ensure complete oral health- from your teeth to your gums. The blue light, known to have antibacterial properties, cleans germs in your mouth and whitens your teeth, while the red is anti-inflammatory i.e. reduces inflammation your gums and makes them firm and healthy. It can operate at two different speeds of 12000 RPM and 24000 RPM, and thus makes sure that its effective yet gentle on your gums and teeth. You can switch between “gentle vibration”, “regular vibration” or “no vibration” modes as per your requirement. What’s the best part of this brush? It boasts of an excellent battery life of up to 4 weeks, used twice a day while it also comes with a USB cable and is rechargeable on-the-go. This product uses a widely-acknowledged and award-winning Light Technology, known to cure diseases like Lupus vulgaris, with concentrated light radiation. This technology is extremely safe to use, and is a 100% natural way to prevent and cure oral problems. Combining the excellence and quality of Korean technology, and its sleek, portable design, Bristl will go a long way in being your travel mate. You can check out Bristl and many other cool gadgets at any Solution Bar outlet in Sharaf DG stores.
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