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DJI Osmo Pocket Compact Smart CameraEffortlessly shoot beautiful footage anytime, anywhere with the DJI Osmo Pocket Compact Smart Camera. This handheld device features an integrated three-axis gimbal, offering remarkable image stabilization. With a height of just over four inches, the Osmo Pocket co...

Have you ever been in a situation where you forgot your wallet or purse somewhere and had a tough time looking for it because you just couldn’t remember? We've all been through this at some time or the other. Blame it on our forgetfulness or busy life. Which is why we, at Solution Bar, have the perf...

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Nokia 7 Plus Smartphone

Use AI to make your life even better with the Nokia 7 Plus Smartphone. This device runs on Android 9 Pie, allowing it to adapt to your needs and learn your preferences the more you use it. Offering a 6-inch full HD+ display, the Nokia 7 Plus delivers impressive graphics regard...

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Are you a globetrotter? Have you visited multiple countries, wishing that you knew the local tongue to make things easier? Have you ever wished you had a translator with you on all your overseas trips and you could make more than just formal, obligatory exchanges with the locals and tourists alike? ...

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With digital innovation coming about in our world, and everything around us going “smart”, theft of money is bound to go “smarter”. We are aware of the perils of data theft and, the ease with which our data can be monitored, corrupted, or stolen is making the picture scarier every day. This is why t...

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Mophie Charge Stream Qi Wireless Vent Mount


Easily keep your devices powered up while driving with the mophie Charge Stream Qi Wireless Vent Mount. This handy device directly attaches to the AC vent in your car and holds your phone in place. Using innovative Qi technology, your smartphone starts char...

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Huawei AI Cube Alexa Smart Speaker1 Get answers when you need them with the Huawei AI Cube Alexa Smart Speaker. Complete with Amazon Alexa, you can use your voice to ask questions, turn on music, and more. The four far-field microphones ensure you’re always heard regardless of where you are in the ro...
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Panasonic MS-DS100 Electric Shoe Deodorizer


Keep your shoes smelling fresh with the Panasonic MS-DS100 Electric Shoe Deodorizer. Simply pop this gadget into your smelly shoes and let the nanoe X technology work its magic. The shoe deodorizer even comes with a Long mode that runs for around seven hour...

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Babolat Pop Tennis Sensor

 Babolat Pop Tennis SensorImprove the way you play tennis with the Babolat Pop Tennis Sensor. Just pair the Pop wristband with the app for your tennis racquet to connect instantly. The wearable device collects data about your performance and even provides fun challenges and games.

Wilson X Connected B...

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PetChatz Videophone for Pets


Interacting with your pets from anywhere just got a whole lot easier with this videophone. You can see and hear as well as speak to your pets, thus providing a comfortable atmosphere whenever you travel without them. It’s a must-have smart home product for pet parents.


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