AYO: Sleep Better, Beat Jet Lag, Boost Energy

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AED 1,099.00 AED 899.00

AYO presents a scientifically-backed, blue-light emitting wearable, fully controlled through a smartphone app. The blue light has been shown to be the most effective for shifting a person’s body clock and suppressing melatonin (our “sleep” hormone), improving our energy levels and sleep by keeping our body clocks in balance.

  • The key to our solution is AYO’s software-driven exposure to a special blue light at proper timing and intensity.
  • By wearing the AYO device as little as 20 minutes a day:
    • Frequent travelers can beat jet lag quickly, feeling fully refreshed no matter the time zone they happen to be in
    • Stressed workers can experience improved energy through the innovative use of safe and natural blue light technology that mimics the sunlight.
    • Snooze-lovers can finally set their natural sleep rhythm for an energizing “sleep time” and a more productive “wake time”.