Bullsone Balanceon Seat

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AED 423.00

Balanceon Seat is a premium seating-cushion made by using the patented Double-layer Honeycomb TechnologyTM and the highly elastic polymer, VETA-GELTM. It optimally disperses body pressure on the hips and thighs to avoid disturbing the blood circulation, and to enable the user to sit longer and more comfortably. The high elastic VETA-GELTM perfectly fits the pelvis and posture even in slight movements, while the front of the rounded edge is placed under the thighs for an optimal posture. In addition, the double-structured Air-cellTM always gives the user a pleasant seating and the 99.9% antibacterial VETA-GELTM is washable to always keep the skin clean and free from harm.

  1. Pleasant Seating
  2. Smooth Circulation
  3. Perfect Fitting
  4. Vibration Absorption
  5. Durability
  6. Non-slip
  7. Water proof
Experience at Solution Bar: Times Square Centre, Deira City Centre