Primetech Vray : UV-C Sterilizer

AED 732.00

The Vray is the simple, strong, safe and sleek UV-C sterilizer for a preventive measures against bacterial infection. With Vray, simply remember three numbers: 1, 5, & 99.9. Don’t waste minutes or even hours sterilizing your belongings, Vray is capable of eradicating up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs in 1 sterilization session that lasts only 5 seconds in duration.

  • Quick sterilization : Irradiate just 5 seconds
  • Simple & Easy sterilization method
  • Applicable to any material and size
  • Support 2 way operations : Handheld & Hands-free
  • Patented safety features
  • No chemicals, residues, resistance and side effect
Experience at Solution Bar: Times Square Centre, Deira City Centre