Scenes Lifelike VR Recording Earphones

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AED 511.00 AED 410.00

Scenes Lifelike: World’s First 3D Audio Recording Earphones. Lifelike 3D Earphones is not only an awesome pair of earphones with super HiFi audio output, but also a portable 3D audio recording gear of only 20g. The earphones instantly record an immersive 3D audio, which would normally take a year’s time for a professional recording team to complete. Mobile 3D audio capturing is simply plug and play. It requires no charging, because it draws power directly from iPhone or iPad. You can use it for audio/video recording, live broadcasting and music listening.

  • 3D audio recording
  • Easy to use: plug in and ready to use, no app downloading, battery, SD card or anything else needed
  • Enjoy the 3D audio recorded by Scenes Lifelike with any earphones and headsets.
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