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Actofit SmartScale

The Actofit SmartScale is the Smartest thing you’ll ever step foot on! It tracks not just your weight but BMI, BMR, Body fat % and 11 other body parameters with the latest Dual frequency BIA Technology

  • Dual frequency BIA
  • Graphical analysis
  • Wireless syncing
  • Multi user database
  • Social Sharing
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Actofit SmartScale
Actofit SmartScale
Actofit SmartScale
Product Details

The Smartest Thing you’ll ever step foot on!

Track not just your weight but BMI, BMR, Body fat % and 11 other body parameters with the latest Dual frequency BIA Technology. This allows for the scale to have unmatched precision. A longer product life cycle and ease of use are the advantages of having the High reliability link system for Bluetooth connection.

Dual frequency BIA: Increased Accuracy and Reliability over traditional analysis methods

Graphical analysis: When the smart scale syncs to your app, it converts your stats into trend graphs that help you see your long-term progress and learn if you are actually getting results

Sleek and stylish design: A white finish with a polished glass surface and a thin design make it stylish and at the same time easy to transport

Multi user database: The weighing scale recognizes up to 8 different users, keeping your progress safe at all times

Wireless syncing: Setup the smart scale using the phones Bluetooth connection, it will then automatically sync your stats when you use it

Social Sharing: Connect your progress with the Actofit app, share and compete with any of your friends. 

Commit To Be Fit!

Graphical Analysis: Track and improvise on trends with charts and graphical results.
Multiple users: Store data of up to 8 different friends or family members individually.
Historic Progress: Compare results over a period of time to know what’s working vs what’s not
Set Goals!: Set personal goals and achieve them with a clearer picture of your health

You can’t Improve what you can’t Measure!


BMIPhysique Rating
Metabolic AgeBMR
Muscle MassBody Water
Visceral FatSkeletal Muscle
WeightFat Free Weight
Subcutaneous FatBone Mass
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