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INBair O2

INBairO2: Your Personal, Portable, Oxygen Concentrator

Feed Your Brain – Think Fast:

INBairO2 is the world’s first designer oxygen concentrator. Developed as a recreational device that delivers air with a 40% concentrated oxygen to keep you at your A-game.

  • 40% oxygen delivery
  • Comfortable, stylish, anti-bacterial headset that does not restrict movement
  • Portable; the most compact oxygen concentrator in the market
  • Plug and play; can be powered through a standard mains socket, car power outlet, or power bank

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INBair O2
INBair O2
INBair O2
INBair O2
INBair O2
INBair O2
Product Details
Feed Your Brain

Did you know that our brain uses 20% of the oxygen that we inhale despite only accounting for 2% of our weight? Indoor spaces often face a drop in oxygen levels as the working day progresses. This leads to reduced concentration and performance. The INBairO2 tackles this issue by delivering a 40% concentrated oxygen supply to your brain, boosting mood and performance.

The INBairO2 is the most compact and stylish oxygen concentrator. At home, late in the office, or on the go, INBairO2 gives your brain the boost you need to tackle a busy life.

 Think Fast

We breathe literally a truckload of air every day (around 23,040 breaths), creating 1.4 kg of carbon dioxide. Fresh air contains around 21% oxygen, but can get used up in our tightly sealed modern buildings, and fall as low as 17%.

If you work in an office you might have noticed that energy levels noticeably drop in the afternoon. Our bodies are fighting for oxygen!

With a flow rate of 2 liters per hour, all it takes is half an hour for increased oxygen levels to have a positive effect on your cognitive performance. Forget about that dreaded 2 o’clock slump!

The INBairO2 also comes equipped with a 30-minute auto-shutdown function, for those of us who are too focused on the work at hand.

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