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Smartclean Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner Vision.5

Ultrasonic cleaning helps to get rid of the dirt, the dust and other germs from eye glasses that people are unable to clean simply with a tissue or a plain cloth. Instead of going to an optical shop, people can enjoy the easy and professional cleaning experience with Smartclean Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner Vision.5 at home.

  • Perfect for cleaning eyeglasses and removing dirt and stains
  • Use tap water only
  • Take 3-5 mins only
  • Portable size and light weight, good for home-use and while traveling
  • Patented and fashionable design

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Smartclean Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner Vision.5
Smartclean Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner Vision.5
Smartclean Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner Vision.5
Smartclean Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner Vision.5
Product Details

Unlike the ultrasonic devices on the market which are bulky and heavy, Smartclean Ultrasonic Eyeglass Cleaner comes with a fashionable design and a light weight and portable tank. It is as small as a lunch box and fits well on the desk and is convenient for traveling.

  • A premium personal-use ultrasonic cleaner for eyeglasses - It brings professional cleaning for your glasses straight to your home or workplace with ultrasonic technology
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology - Smartclean Vision.5 generates ultrasound vibration forming numerous bubbles (cavitation) in the water. Bubbles collapse and produce shock wave which shakes off all the dirt, dust, grease and smudges inch by inch
  • Crystal Clear Glasses in Only 3 Minutes - It only takes 2-3 minutes to make your glasses brighter than ever before. Smarttclean also has a 5 mins self-turnoff function.
  • Available in four colors
  • Multi-functional - Smartclean is perfect for glasses and other belongings like jewelry, earrings, watches, razors, etc..
  • Needs Water Only - What you have to fill in is only regular water and Smartclean Vision.5 will work on cleaning your glasses.
  • Professional Cleaning - Smartclean Vision.5 generates 45000Hz ultrasonic vibration, which is as powerful as professional ultrasonic cleaners, which remove dirt and other contaminants.
  • The most portable ever - Featuring a patented design, Smartclean Vision.5 weighs only 410g (14.5 oz/ 0.9lbs) and is as small as a lunch box. It’s an upgrade from old ultrasonic cleaners that are old-fashioned, bulky and heavy.
  • Easy to use
  1. Fill water with a cup until below the “MAX” line
  2. Put the glasses or jewelry into the tank
  3. Connect the device to the power supply
  4. Press power switch to start cleaning
  5. Press power switch again when the cleaning is finished or it will turn off automatically in five minutes

P.S. It is okay to simply use tap water but adding 1-2 drops detergents will deliver better result.

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