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Zaxe X1 – Easy to use desktop 3D Printer

At Zaxe , We have always believed that 3D Printing should be easy. With Zaxe X1 you can still enjoy the best print quality. It is still amazingly simple.

  • Remote management with wireless network connection, auto updates and cloud connection
  • User-centered design with easy to understand user interface and colorful touch screen
  • PLA, ABS, Flex etc.. Wide range of material selection
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Zaxe X1 – Easy to use desktop 3D Printer
Product Details

Zaxe X1 provides fast printing and high quality options. Print high surface quality prints with lower layer thicknesses and print faster with higher lower thickness values. Zaxe will provide what you need.

Use 0.05mm for high resolution prints or use 0.4mm for fast prints. You can select a layer thickness between 0.05mm and 0.4mm.


3D printers need supports while extruding high complexity models. Zaxe X1 3D printer will not need support structures up to 70° slopes. Detaching supports is not an easy task. Supports of Zaxe can be detached easily and without any defects. You can print even harder to print models just like in the picture with supports.

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