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ARTPAD Orcherterra Air Purifier for cars

The effects of air pollution are known to create several respiratory conditions, heart conditions, cancer and other threats to the body. The Air purifiers for cars protect clean indoor air from pollution. It’s time to experience the effects of this amazing filter for yourself. Keep the air in your vehicle clean with Air purifiers for cars.
  1. Demonstrates superior effects in removing and deodorizing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  2. Obtained the technology of manufacturing bio-ceramic filter (Patent No. 10-1483263)
  3.  Can be used for at least 1~2 years without replacement
  4.  The bio-ceramic filter to remove harmful substances from the air
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ARTPAD Orcherterra Air Purifier for cars
ARTPAD Orcherterra Air Purifier for cars
ARTPAD Orcherterra Air Purifier for cars
Product Details

Recently, as indoor air environment is getting worse by the day due to global warming and frequent occurrences of yellow dust, you feel that the places where you can comfortably breathe clean air is remarkably reducing. To protect the indoor air quality from pollution due to such environmental changes, we developed the patent technology of Bio-ceramic filter with activated carbon for excellent absorption. This is based on the main raw materials of refined yellow ocher-valuable heritage inherited from our ancestors’ wisdom which guarantees excellent detergency and detoxication.


The Air purifiers for cars are excellent deodorization for fine dust. It removes fine dust and can be used for up to three years without replacing the filters. The bio-ceramic filter is designed to filter fine dust, ultra-fine dust and tobacco smoke.


Air cleaning methods include the ion-type and filter-type cleaning. As the ion-type is not capable of removing fine dust and harmful gases, consumers are advised to use a filter-type air cleaner to remove fine dust, which has become a huge problem lately. So we developed the Bio-ceramic filter which is eco-friendly and very easy-to-use.


Open the box, remove the product, strip the protective film away and just clip onto a vehicle air-vent and it’s done. It won’t even take a minute.

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