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Baggizmo Cross Body Gadget Bag

Baggizmo is men’s cross body bag for everyday wearing, cleverly thought out with specially designed compartments and made in Europe from innovative materials, that provides a high level of functionality and comfort without sacrificing quality or style.

  • Made with innovative high-quality materials from Switzerland
  • Stays slim and elegant even when it’s full
  • Fixed in place during body activity
  • Rationally organized space with lot of compartments
  • Highly comfortable and ergonomically friendly

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Baggizmo Cross Body Gadget Bag
Baggizmo Cross Body Gadget Bag
Baggizmo Cross Body Gadget Bag
Baggizmo Cross Body Gadget Bag
Product Details
Baggizmo – the next frontier in wearing tech


Baggizmo bag merges the contemporary urban fashion with constant tech-awareness to make sure all gadgets

are within your fingers’ reach. Baggizmo is the first bag of its kind, tailored for men and their gizmos, both

functional and fashionable.


Lots of practical storage space

Baggizmo bag has specially designed and well organized compartments for a tablet, two smartphones, keys, wallet, headphones, power stick and more.


Specially designed compartments for a tablet, two smartphones, keys, wallet, headphones, power stick and more.

Inside compartments allow for optimal item distribution and easy access. Everything has its own place, so you always know where your things are. You don’t even have to look to find them, and your things will be at your fingertips at all times.


Headphone cable channel and mobile charging

A pocket for headphones is placed on the padded shoulder strap. It helps avoid tangled cables while you have your headphones as close as you need – as you sit, walk or drive. 

In between the compartments there are specially tailored (hidden) passages which allow the charging of a tablet with a power stick or the connection of headphones to a phone.


Prevents “sweaty T-shirt” from wearing a bag

the back of the Baggizmo bag is made from breathable mesh material from Schoeller®-spirit fabrics. It’s cozy and comfortable, has good breathability and perfect weather protection. Its special mesh structures ensure ventilation combined with good protection.


Microfiber lining for safe and clean gadget screens

This ultra-fine fiber is lightweight, soft but durable and electrostatic. Microfiber is very useful for making pockets lining because the material itself is often used to clean screens. That’s why pulling phones and tablets in and out of Baggizmo pockets will make their screens always clean.


Cozy and breathable material on the back

The back of Baggizmo cross body bag is made from breathable mesh material from premium Schoeller®-spirit fabrics. It’s structure makes the bag cozy and comfortable for wearing thanks to good ventilation and breathability properties combined with perfect weather protection.


Integrated NFC tag for quick data sharing

Baggizmo has NFC tag which can be used to store and share various information (your website, your business card, phone number, link to social media network..) with others, or simply to unlock your doors or use it for online payment. The list of options is endless.


Stable and fits nicely next to body

Fixed in a single point, the bag stays immobile and does not slip to the side when it’s strapped around shoulder. It was designed to be slim fit, i.e. to follow the outline of the body, thanks to an adjustable padded shoulder strap, and to allow easy access to inside of the bag for the wearer.


Stays slim even when it’s full

As a result of clever and well-thought-out design, the bag can receive a lot of gadgets, documents and personal belongings, and it will still look elegant and; slim whether you wear it above shirt or underneath your jacket.


Innovative materials made in Switzerland

Baggizmo bag is made from state-of-the-art materials that provide special protection for your gadgets against mechanical or heat damage.


Fits comfortably due to padded and adjustable strap

Adjustable Baggizmo strap allows for easy adjustment on the back so that it better fits your body shape for maximum comfort and stability. Fitted part of the strap  is padded with a special foam and curved to make it soft and ease the brunt of the bag (gravity) on the shoulders.

Minimum strap dimensions: 108 cm

Maximum strap dimensions: 128 cm


Made for active everyday life

During more active body movements like running, jumping, riding a bike etc. the Baggizmo bag can be additionally fixed to a second point by using a buckle (bike hook shackle) that attaches to the pants, belt or back pocket.


Water repellent

The Baggizmo is made with special tightly woven fabric that repels water and keeps your belongings safe and dry.


Original and Awarded Design

Baggizmo is designed and manufactured in the EU by an award winning product design team made with innovative materials with specially designed compartments to combine elegance and maximum functionality.


>Award CDS 15/16 – Croatian Design Society Award for The Best Integral Project in 2015 and 2016

> Elle Style Award Croatia for Product design, 2017

> Part of the unique exhibitions “It’s a Man’s World”, Amsterdam’s Museum of Bags and Purses Tassenmuseum Hendrikje, 2016

> Part of designboom shop selection, 2016 and 2017



Water Resistance

Water repellent


36 cm x 1.5. cm x 26cm


320 grams


Schoeller® (Switzerland, EU) highly-functional innovative textile

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