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TimeFlip is a smart connected device to help people with time management and productivity control. This app-powered polygon is designed to make time tracking as easy and intuitive, as possible.

·  Ultimately simple and user friendly time tracker. Switching between your activities by simply flipping the device.

·  Analyze and monitor your time usage and productivity. Manage your workload, bill hours, prioritize.

·  Choose from stickers provided or mark your activities directly on the sides of TimeFlip.

·  Syncs automatically via Bluetooth to a free app available for iOS or Android. Wireless firmware updates.

·  Network or smartphone independent, works offline. Onboard memory to store data from 1166 flips (worth no less than 30-40 days of tracking).

·  Time logs red out by the app and stored securely in the cloud. Time entries can be edited manually. Time data export supported.

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Smart, Handy and User Friendly

So many people would love to take control of their time but hesitate to choose from 100+ software solutions available, that are complex and often uneasy. TimeFlip is designed to be an ultimately simple, tangible time tracker. It takes seconds to learn and start using.

Track and Analyze time: 

With free TimeFlip app you can track your activities, analyze time data, prioritize, detect time losses and improve productivity.

Manage your Workload: 

Manage the time allocated for your projects, clients and job tasks. Invoice hours, control resources, send reports.

Store, Export, Integrate Time Data: 

Safe cloud to store your time statistics, accessible via web interface. Time entries can be edited manually. Data export supported. API to integrate with third party software

Autonomy to Work from Anywhere: 

Aloha, digital nomads! While TimeFlip sits perfectly on an office desk, it has been built to work anywhere. With onboard memory to store data from up to 1166 flips, the gadget is able to operate without the network for an average of 30-40 days.

Free App and Firmware Updates: 

Enjoy our free app (iOS/Android) and over-the-air, wireless firmware updates. We release new features and upgrade functionality regularly to keep you in line with the most recent developments in time tracking.






Android 5.0+; iOS 10+


Foldable plastic casing with magnetic anchoring. Surface suitable for drawing.


Dodecahedron shape, 71x71x71 mm


70 grams (with battery)


Bluetooth 4.0 (LE) or higher

Battery Type

CR 2032 button cell Lithium battery. Easily replaceable.

Battery life

180 days average, in daily use mode.

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