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Flares Pro 2 – Second Generation Wireless Audiophile Earphones

  • Anti-Resonance technology
  • Dual Jet technology
  • Acoustic Lens technology
  • Made from aerospace Grade 5 Titanium
  • 5.5mm beryllium drivers
  • Superior passive noise isolation
  • Three types of T200 compatible FLARES EARFOAMS®

MMCX Professional Connectors

Jack Connector

Balanced Splitter


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Flares Pro 2 – Second Generation Wireless Audiophile Earphones
Flares Pro 2 – Second Generation Wireless Audiophile Earphones
Flares Pro 2 – Second Generation Wireless Audiophile Earphones
Flares Pro 2 – Second Generation Wireless Audiophile Earphones
Flares Pro 2 – Second Generation Wireless Audiophile Earphones
Flares Pro 2 – Second Generation Wireless Audiophile Earphones
Product Details

Flares Pro

Introducing the new Flares PRO wireless earphones. The Flares PRO earphones come with a Bluetooth v4.1 wireless module with music playback and phone call functions. Uniquely switchable between wireless and wired options, you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery again. The Flares PRO also includes a hard case, charger cable and three sets of EARFOAMS tips (Audiophile, Everyday and Universal) in small, medium and large. Choose between your favourite memory foam or silicone tips for the best fit and sound.

  • Dual Jet sound balancing technology | Anti-Resonance technology | Acoustic Lens technology
  • Bluetooth® v4.1 with APT-X connectivity
  • Balanced Class A-B outputs and MMCX connections
  • Grade 5 Titanium ear pieces
  • Uniquely switchable between wireless and a 3.5mm jack cable, all included

Flares Pro 2

The second generation of Flares Pro has further enhanced our technologies by refining some small details.

Our Dual-Jet technology has been adjusted to achieve a more precise pressure balance. We increased the wall thickness which improves the Anti-Resonance technology and we've also added some small exterior machining details for a more rounded feel.

Small but significant adjustments have revealed even more clarity and high frequency detail. Resulting in the second generation of Flares® PRO.

Flares Pro 2 HD

"We believe that Flare® PRO 2HD generates the highest quality sound ever heard in an earphone at any price point," Davies Roberts, CEO.

Flare’s JET technology and Acoustic Lens technology have been maximised to reveal more musical detail than has ever been previously achieved. The jets in HD have been refined at a microscopic level, enabling precision driver movement accuracies that have not been possible, until now. This allows the tiniest driver movement to remain highly accurate inside Flare® PRO 2HD and as such our ears can hear previously unheard levels of detail in every track along with large increases of dynamics, realism, layering and stereo imaging.

The Acoustic Lens at the front of the earphone has been coated in a micro layer of rhodium. This rhodium coating ensures a super-slick and flawless mirror finish to the Acoustic Lens which increases the accuracy and speed of sound information, focusing it at the highest possible resolution.

Increased earphone cell thickness in the body and end cap to better eliminate remaining structural resonances. There is also an increase in diameter towards the end of the earphone which improves isolation, reducing cable noise and ambient sounds entering and interfering with your music.


Flare Audio Ltd.

Compatible Products

Fully compatible with all Bluetooth® devices, 3.5mm gold plated jack connecter

Water Resistance

Flares Pro are not waterproof, do not expose the device to water or liquids


150mm x 150mm x 150mm

Shipping Weight

680 grams


Bluetooth 4.1/BLE


Made from aerospace Grade 5 Titanium

Battery Type

Lithium-ion polymer battery, 2.4V/170mAh, rechargable





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