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Square Off – Kingdom Set

World’s Smartest Chess Board (Kingdom Set)

  • Multiple Playing Modes
  • Android and iOS Apps
  • Play against 20 different difficulty levels
  • Select opening moves with ease
  • Load and save an incomplete game
  • Membrane sensing technology to detect the location of pieces
  • Receive audio feedback

Approximately 2000 preorders from 70+ countries on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

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Square Off – Kingdom Set
Square Off – Kingdom Set
Square Off – Kingdom Set
Product Details

Challenge any online opponent across the globe or play against the artificial intelligence on this automated chess board

Yes, Square Off is here to bring back those charming old days when people played chess on classic tangible boards. Where on one hand, it has revived the classic charisma of chess, on the other hand, Square Off has also made it smarter, automated and super fun.

How does it work?

It uses a compact 2 axis robotic arm with a magnetic head beneath the box to move the magnetic chess pieces. The At Mega 2560 chip with Bluetooth BLE ensures smooth communication with a smartphone, taking care of decrypting and execution. The most important thing is that it is programmed in a way so that the chess pieces don’t collide during automatic movements.


Compatible with both Android and iOS (currently in beta) operating systems, Square Off is designed as a user-friendly app. It lets you interact with the board effortlessly; it just takes a click to begin the game.


The idea is to keep the board button-free so that the users can enjoy the classic chess board experience.  Be it selecting sides (black or white), difficulty levels, opening moves of computer, challenging friends, analyzing games, using the timer or chatting with the opponent (this feature is being worked upon), everything is controlled through the app.

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