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Tivoo-Max - Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker

Tivoo-Max  features a 2.1 speaker setup with the active sub-woofer. With the powerful Divoom Smart application, you can enjoy the nostalgia pixel art creation, as well as the massive daily functions and smart alarm. It is time for you to step up your game!

  • 2.1 Audio design: Independent subwoofer with 40W output power
  • 16x16 mobile application pixel art creation & online gallery
  • Smart clock w/over 30s built-in sleep aid and nature alarm profiles
  • Daily tools features: notification, voice memo, daily reminder
  • DJ mixer: Built-in 48 unique sound effects 
  • Cloud based application & constantly updated software

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Tivoo-Max - Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker
Tivoo-Max - Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker
Tivoo-Max - Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker
Tivoo-Max - Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker
Tivoo-Max - Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker
Tivoo-Max - Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker
Product Details

Tivoo-Max is the largest and most feature-packed model in Divoom’s line of portable pixel art speakers. 40W output and 2.1 audio design can easily fill a whole space with the sounds of your favorite music across the full audio frequency spectrum. A 16x16 LED grid can be easily programmed to display any image via a dedicated mobile app. Just like many other Divoom products, Tivoo-Max also features a number of convenient Daily Tools like daily reminders, notifications, and voice memos. Additionally, the device is rigged with an alarm clock and a DJ-mixer with 48 distinct effects. 

  1. 2.1 stereo drivers with an active sub-woofer running 40 watts audio power, along with its bass port; Divoom audio engineers tuned this acoustic beast with the magic of latest DSP technology.
  2. 16 x 16 pixels,256 full RGB self- programmable LED screen, You can create any pixel images and animations with the built-in app traditional animation and game characters, super hero, and emoji the limit is your imagination
  3. Over 30 helpful daily functions with continuously updated mobile application,Social media notification, smart alarm clock, thermometer and weather conditions, schedule planner, 24 professional sleep-aid profiles make you have a good sleep. Traditional pixel games, voice memo, DJ mixer
  4. Flagship 2.1 audio with unparalleled bass, vivid lighting with massive functions mobile APP, endless entertainment resources with 50000 Internet radio stations; Tivoo-Max is the perfect gift for you and your love ones.
  5. Fully functional frontal controls for a real retro experience, control volume, Audio Input, compatible with IOS and Android



Compatible Products

For Android, the system requirement is: Android 4.3 and up.

For iOS, the system requirement is: iOS 9.3 and up.

Water Resistance



 184.5L*163*86H mm




Bluetooth 5.0


Made of ABS (body case)

Battery Type

Lithium-ion Battery, 10000mAh

Battery life

Up to 6 hours  ; recharges in3 hours  with micro USB cable(included)

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